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Change your life not your locale

Thinking of staying local with your next move? You are not alone. According to research published by My Home Move, in the last five years an impressive 70% of movers decided to buy a new house less than twenty miles away from their old postcode. So why do we choose to do this?

The draw of home appeals to house buyers all over the country. We are all drawn to the familiar and want to stay close to family and friends. However there are more reasons to consider staying local other than your roots. No one moves house without wanting a change in lifestyle, nearly all of us look for a bigger home at some point and the need for space is often the number one reason for a move.

Staying local can certainly offer the option of more space; moving to London or sticking close to Tunbridge Wells makes your budget a lot tighter than it would be in Southborough for example. Under three miles away from Tunbridge Wells, Southborough offers buyers the opportunity to go big in the Kent countryside rather than limiting themselves to the city or town centers.

And if you are worried you may be missing out on the benefits of a big city, the commute from Rocks Hollow to the capital couldn’t be easier. With trains getting from Tonbridge to London Charing Cross in just 45 minutes and the M25 just 12 minutes away from the door. Also for buyers that are looking for a more metropolitan life, smaller towns and communities offer a bounty of amenities and elements found in cities.

“When we look at this in the context of Southborough it is easy to see the attraction of staying in Kent. With a friendly community and a town packed full of amenities why move too far away when you need the extra space?” Debora Richards, Maddisons Residential, an agent representing Brookworth Homes comments. “There’s so much on your door step at Rocks Hollow, be it the 85 acres of woodland to walk the dog or the fantastic range of shops and restaurants”

And even if people do move away from their roots initially, they often move back in later life. In a survey carried out by TSB found that two fifths (40%) of homeowners have left their childhood home only to return by the age of 29. The research found that while a third of 18 to 24 year olds felt they couldn’t afford to move away, a higher percentage (36%) of the same age group said they returned in a bid to enjoy a better quality of life.

Quality of life can be a huge factor in not moving miles away the next time you purchase a new home. If you have a young family, uprooting you children from school can have an adverse effect, disrupting their learning and ending their formative relationships with friends. Kent not only offers the best of the great outdoors for children to play and stay active in but also hosts some of the country’s best schools, from primary to sixth form.

For those looking to stay in Kent, our Rocks Hollow development could be the perfect match for you. Located in vibrant Southborough, Rocks Hollow offers the sense of the familiar in a spacious environment, surrounded by high performing schools and well connected to the rest of Kent and the country. Rocks Hollow consists of nine luxurious four and five bedroom homes, under construction and ready for occupation from September 2018.

With Brookworth you are not just buying house – you’re finding your home.
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