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Cutting energy bills by better building

Helping save the planet may not be your number one consideration when contemplating buying a new-build home, but low fuel bills and increased resale potential are key factors on the agenda of today’s savvy purchaser.

Environmental responsibility and energy efficiency have gone hand in hand in the construction of the nine luxury homes in the Rocks Hollow development, currently nearing completion in Southborough, Kent.

The peace of mind of buying a house built to Brookworth Homes’ exacting standard is not only provided by the 10-year building control warranty, but also by the ratings on each individual home’s energy performance certificate.

Here are four reasons new build homes offer a better energy saving rating.


New Regulations

Before 2007, when Europe-wide certificates were introduced (initially for homes with four or more bedrooms), a property’s energy performance mattered little to the average buyer. But a decade on, with 80% of new-build houses achieving grades in the top two bands compared to just 2% of older homes, both the energy efficiency rating and the environmental impact rating are important considerations ahead of a purchase.

The rating is achieved by registered assessors feeding information on glazing, insulation and heating into a software program which then places properties on a sliding scale of efficiency from A to G. The Rocks Hollow homes, which will be ready for occupation in September, have gas-fired underfloor heating throughout the ground floor, and radiators warming the upper floors… generating a highly efficient B rating. The average UK property is rated D or E.


Strength of new

As a rule of thumb, older properties are draughtier and more expensive to heat. Buying an old house can also be a leap in the dark, with housing experts regularly urging purchasers to allow an extra 20% on top of their budget for unforeseen issues such as damp, pipe leaks and general wear and tear which even comprehensive structural inspections might miss. The 10-year warranty that comes with a new-build means that in the unlikely event of anything going wrong, it will be rectified speedily without leaving you out of pocket.


Underfloor heating

The advantage of underfloor heating on the ground floor of the Rocks Hollow houses is twofold; a cost-effective way of keeping your home cosy and more options for room configurations with no radiators in the principal living and entertaining areas. On top, from day one, the loft insulation in the Rocks Hollow houses is comprehensive, fitted from scratch, meeting the very high specified standard of modern building.


Safe & Secure

Brookworth Homes takes pride in sustainable building methods, achieving a traditional look to blend in with the surroundings while simultaneously using the most modern glazing and wall insulation techniques for superb energy efficiency. This also goes for our solid wood doors and our windows which are sturdy double-glazed uPVC units with multi-point locking systems.

Buying a new home may not spring to mind as a way of safeguarding our planet for future generations, but reduced energy dependence contributes to a better, greener tomorrow.

Come and see these money and environmental saving builds in action, the Rocks Hollow show home is no open for visitors by appointment only.

Prices range from £675,000 to £935,000

With Brookworth you are not just buying house – you’re finding your home.
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