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Five reasons why underfloor heating is the must have luxury

Underfloor heating in properties, especially in new-builds and new developments is an increasing trend. Across Brookworth Homes developments we offer underfloor heating as a standard and this is no exception at Rocks Hollow. These stunning properties are complete with solid concrete floors with built in underfloor heating, so not only is the sound proofing at its best the homes also heat up quickly and efficiently.

So why is underfloor heating the new must-have luxury at home?


Quick to heat up

If we compare traditional radiators to underfloor heating we can see a clear winner. Radiators are far less efficient than underfloor heating as they heat the air around them first, leaving any space away from the radiator cold. Underfloor heating heats the floor evenly across the whole room through radiant heat, heating objects rather than air. So in terms of speed underfloor heating can heat the house to the desired temperature within 20 minutes whereas a radiator system not only takes a lot longer but can also leave areas out in the cold.


An interior decorators dream

Even the most modern slim radiators take up wall space. Not only does this take up room and make your space smaller it can also be a nightmare when it comes to decorating. Underfloor means that you reclaim this space, so you can do more when it comes to letting your interior decorator side go wild. Fancy a feature wall? No pesky radiators to paint round here!


Breathe easy

Underfloor heating does a great job of keeping your air clearer compared to radiators that overheat the atmosphere. Not overheating the air makes it clearer, thus less stuffy. It’s a small feature in a way, but it adds to the overall impact. Furthermore, radiators tend to collect dust and clutter, being an unwelcome inconvenience to a person suffering from allergies.



When you have kids running around the house, radiators and their sharp edges can pose a risk. A trip and a fall into a radiator can end up in a nasty bump or scar, with underfloor there is no such risk. Tucked away and invisible it is the perfect house guest.


Less costly

Higher heating costs come with conventional radiators due to their extremely high temperature, usually between 65-75°C. Underfloor heating on the contrary does not have to be heated any higher than 29°C, or, in some cases an even lower 27°C for delicate floor finishes, to warm you up. Therefore, underfloor heating does not use much energy, bringing your heating bills down. Underfloor heating also doesn’t need any maintenance, once the heater has been laid down in the floor construction underneath the floor, it will be up and running for years to come.

So, this must have luxury in modern living is not only practical but can also save you money which is why we offer underfloor heating at Rocks Hollow.

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